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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Neat things seen in Boston -- a top town for techie types

I flew out from Stat-Ease headquarters in Minneapolis last Wednesday for a dinner meeting with two fellows from UK in the States for a conference in Boston -- sort of a half-way point for all of us. The business part was successful, but the fun things for me were:
1. The lean, mean coffee-making machine in my hotel room -- CV1 (tm) by Hamilton Beach. The ground coffee is contained in a disposable tray which you insert into the machine. It drips directly into a disposable styrofoam cup. The hotel was kind enough to provide several coffee packages for caffiends like me. FYI, see
Lodging Magazine article
Funny Business blog on CV1
2. In the hotel gift shop a kiosk featuring the "Stikky" series of how-to softcover books with "lay-flat" binding, such as interpreting stock charts for wannabe investors. As co-author (with Pat) of two "Simplified" books, the idea of something "stikky" is intriguing. See Stikky book web site


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