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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Statistics show slump after workday lunch, but siesta not suggested

Ty-phoo tea commissioned a study that shows 2:16 pm to be the time when UK workers hit their low ebb. One concludes that this would be just the time for a cup of tea or other caffeinated beverage. The results, based on a sample of 2000 people, indicated that energies peaked at 9:23 am and 4:31 pm (time to go home!). I wondered if warmer-climed countries that take mid-afternoon siestas may be on the right track, so I did a quick search for studies on this. However, the one study I found* reports a significant increase in the risk for heart attacks: "Compared to controls, [victims] were more likely to take daily siestas (44% versus 35%, P = 0.01), and spend more time per siesta (1:07 ± 0:04 versus 0:54 ± 0:04 h:min, P = 0.002)". Make mine a coffee please -- no cream or sugar, only black -- thicker the better. I see in this Scottish Heart Health Study that coffee is better than tea for those (like me) who suffer from coronary disease.

*Siesta and the risk of coronary heart disease: results from a population-based, case-control study in Costa Rica


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