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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Exercise reduces fatigue -- a counter-intuitive effect

My RSS feed from the Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog alerted me to news from ScienceDaily about overwhelming evidence that regular exercise increases energy levels. Professor Patrick O’Connor, co-director of the University of Georgia laboratory that analyzed 70 randomized trials on 6,807 subjects, said
when people are fatigued the last thing they want to do is exercise.
However, the positive effect of exercise on energy was very consistent -- seen in over 90 percent of the trials studied by the UGA researchers.

I feel sure this is true to some extent. I certainly feel charged up after doing a half-hour cardio-workout on my Endurance E4 elliptical. This machine features nothing very fancy for display. It only provides exercise -- pure and simple at low impact.

For less anecdotal support for the hypothesis that exercise reduces fatigue, see this report from the University of Oslo. If you feel otherwise -- drained by exercise, consider stocking up on a supply of jelly beans. Possibly these 'sports beans' ward off fatigue. I advise some skepticism if the findings prove positive, because according to ScienceDailythe study is funded in part by The Jelly Belly Candy Company. See their tasty-looking product at ZombieRunner.


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