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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Duck named DOE (pronounced "dewie")

I now have a duck as a roommate in my office at home. My daughter's biology class hatched a bunch* of them and she brought Dewie Pablo Abnot Decker (aka DPAD) home. Abnot is my name that is derived from "You will not get a duck -- absolutely not!" However, DPAD cannot be resisted, so I've taken him (her?) under my wing, so to speak. I view it as an unplanned experiment -- once the fowl flies into your pond, it's best to just go with the flow and make the best of it.

PS. Today my little shrub put out a lovely red flower. That has never happened before. I think the duck did it. I had to move the pot from its corner to a sunnier spot in order to make room for the cage. So this is another unplanned experiment. I like it!

*According to Shannon McKinnon of the Alberta Red Deer Advocate there are six ways to describe a bunch of ducks -- a flock of ducks, a brace of ducks, a flush of ducks (we are not allowing our duck into the bathroom!), a paddling of ducks, a raft of ducks (could be a bit unstable for boating) and a team of ducks (that would be the one in Anaheim).


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